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 Meeting Recap: 10/2/12

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randi philleo
randi philleo

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Meeting Recap: 10/2/12 Empty
PostSubject: Meeting Recap: 10/2/12   Meeting Recap: 10/2/12 EmptyFri Oct 05, 2012 3:14 pm

Location: Ivan's
Time: 7-9:00
Attendees: Ivan, Mike T, Lane, Eric D, Tyler S, Eric M, Randi, Tyler M, Mike P

Finalizing Oktoberfest

Serving process:
We discussed how to layout of serving tables. It was decided unanimously that we should have 3 serving stations to minimize lines and help control flow. IF possible on one table may be placed outside near the picnic tables.Servers will hold 2 hour shifts, on their off time they are encouraged to go mingle, grill brats, or do other jobs.

Mike T suggested adding a Brewers Choice award to Oktoberfest. Brewers that have entered a beer will be given the same ballot as our guests, but the votes will be tallied seperately. We will have 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th for Peoples Choice, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd for Brewers Choice. Award winners will be announced at 6:30.

Voting Process:
Guests will recieve handouts with a list of beers/descriptions and a voting ballot. It was decided that guests will vote for their TOP 5 beers, in no particular order. Beers with the most votes will be the winners.

Jobs/Time of Arrival:
Brewers can drop off their beers between 10 and 1:30. Anyone looking to help set up can show up between those times too. A job list will be available at the entrance.

Chuck didn't bring the paddle back! Punishments were discussed... options still pending.

This traveling trophy will be awarded monthly for the winner to take home and proudly display. At the end of each meeting we will look for nominations on outstanding homebrew of the night. This beer can be a new brew or a reworked recipe. Once a beer has taken home the paddle, it will no longer be eligible to win. When nominating a brew, look at flavor, style, and originality. A majority vote will declare the winner. If you win the paddle, make sure that you can have it back to an officer at the next meeting.

Meeting Recap: 10/2/12 Meetin10

If I forgot anyone or any beers, feel free to post it. Sometimes as the beer flows, the notes get sloppier and I get more forgetful. Cheers!

"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity."
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Meeting Recap: 10/2/12
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