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 Meeting Recap: 9/4/12

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randi philleo
randi philleo

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Meeting Recap: 9/4/12 Empty
PostSubject: Meeting Recap: 9/4/12   Meeting Recap: 9/4/12 EmptyMon Sep 10, 2012 10:05 am

Sorry for the delay!

Location: Chuck's
Time: 7-9:00
Attendees: Chuck, Rich, Mike P, Randi, Meckle Family, Jean, Scott, Ryan, Eric D, Tyler M, Mike T, Ivan, Todd.

Many homebrews were tasted and discussed. Chuck had his stout and shared Adam's Vanilla Bourban. Ivan brought his Citra IPA, Jean brought a wheat.


Since we're a little over a month away from Oktoberfest, we're just going to cover a few things this meeting and then hand out tickets to those that want to sell them.

Oktoberfest will be at the Sertoma Community Center (by the Super Slide) on Saturday, October 6th, from 3pm to 7pm.

There's a lot of reasons to enter a beer or BEERS. When you enter a beer, you and a guest get in for free. Each additional beers entered gets another guest in. In addition to free entry, your brew will be given the opportunity to compete for a variety of prizes. We've got more prizes this year, BIGGER prizes, new "awards", and more categories!

To enter a beer, you must have a full, 5 gallon keg. The Oktoberfest beer entry form needs to be filled out BEFORE September 30th, in order to allow us time to make Oktoberfest pamphlets. The form is located online, www.muddyrivermashers.com, click the Oktoberfest banner, then the "Brew Entry Form" in the left navigation. Please give yourself time to adequelty write your beer's description as we will not modify it for printing. You can also select if you'd like to volunteer and if you need any equipment on this form. The form is open until September 30th, but the sooner you can fill it out, the better. Any changes or modifications can be emailed to muddyrivermashers@gmail.com. A special thanks to the folks that have already entered their brews.

The form also has the listing of jobs that need to be done, if you can at the Oktoberfest. Whether its grilling, taking photos, or serving up beer, we'll certainly need the help. We'd like to do at least one brew demo. Is there anyone interested in dragging out their system to do this?

Thank you for donating your hard work to Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest Tickets!
Ticket Prizes
Thank you for distributing Oktoberfest tickets! We've added an incentive for ticket sales this year. Each ticket has a tear off side with a place for the name of the buyer and the seller. The ticket stubs will be thrown into a drawing for prizes for BOTH the buyer and the seller! So the more tickets you sell the more chances you have to win! Please fill out the stubs accurately and legibly. The Masher with the most tickets sold will also win a prize!

Ticket Cost
Tickets are $20 each. If they want to write out a check, please make it to “Muddy River Mashers”.

21 and Older
Remember; do not sell your tickets to anyone under the age of 21. We will be checking ID’s at the door

Unsold Tickets
Unsold tickets MUST be turned in by September 30th. This allows us time to sell the tickets to others. You will be responsible for paying for unsold tickets after that time. Oktoberfest always sells out! Don't feel bad if you can't move all your tickets, there's almost always a waiting list.

Getting more or turning in tickets
If you run out of tickets or just want to turn in your current sales, please, view the list of meeting times and locations below. We will have an officer at these locations with spare tickets and the cash box. If you’re tickets just aren’t selling, you can turn them in here. The last day to turn in tickets is September 30th, after that you are responsible for selling them.
• September 11th, Tuesday, 5:30-6:00pm: The Walrus Restaurant (1136 North 3rd Street, Bismarck)
• September 18th, Tuesday, 5:30-6:00pm: Reza’s Pitch (304 East Front Avenue, Bismarck)
• September 25th, Tuesday, 5:30-6:00pm: The Blarney Stone (408 East Main Avenue, Bismarck)
• September 30th, Sunday, 12:30-1:00pm: The Walrus Restaurant (1136 North 3rd Street, Bismarck)

Thank you so much for your help. If you have any ticket questions please email muddyrivermashers@gmail.com.

AHA Learn to Homebrew Day
AHA Learn to Homebrew Day falls on November 3rd, BEFORE hunting season this time!!! We need a few brewers that can agree to bring out they're system on that day, for public demonstrations. If we can get a few people to do either all grain or partial grain, we'll rent the Sertoma Community Center for the half day, and hold an open shindig there. We can crack open the keg of whatever we brew at Oktoberfest. Is anyone interested in attending? Is there anyone able to bring out a system for this event? Please post here if you can bring out a brew system.

Brew of the Month September!
The Brew of the Month for September is an ESB. Jayme Glaser will be brewing this on his system. Come join in for the brew September 22nd at 11am!

Chuck took home the paddle for his Stout. Nominees were Chuck's Stout, Ivan's Citra, and Jean's Wheat.

This traveling trophy will be awarded monthly for the winner to take home and proudly display. At the end of each meeting we will look for nominations on outstanding homebrew of the night. This beer can be a new brew or a reworked recipe. Once a beer has taken home the paddle, it will no longer be eligible to win. When nominating a brew, look at flavor, style, and originality. A majority vote will declare the winner. If you win the paddle, make sure that you can have it back to an officer at the next meeting.

Tea Series
Tea's were canceled due to a broken spring in our french press.

Meeting Recap: 9/4/12 Meetin10

If I forgot anyone or any beers, feel free to post it. Sometimes as the beer flows, the notes get sloppier and I get more forgetful. Cheers!

"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity."
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Meeting Recap: 9/4/12
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