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 Meeting Recap: 7/10/12

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Mike Philleo

Mike Philleo

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PostSubject: Re: Meeting Recap: 7/10/12   Meeting Recap: 7/10/12 EmptyWed Jul 11, 2012 10:06 am

First, a big thank you to Todd for making us comfortable in his home. The A/C was definitely appreciated in yesterday's sweltering heat! Next, thanks to everyone who came and made the meeting a great success. We got our business done, got to pass around some homebrews and share some great feedback too. I had a great time and look forward to the next one!
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randi philleo
randi philleo

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PostSubject: Meeting Recap: 7/10/12   Meeting Recap: 7/10/12 EmptyWed Jul 11, 2012 9:47 am

Location: Todd U's
Time: 7-9:30
Attendees: Todd U, Mike P, Randi, Calvin, Ivan, Doug J, Tyler S, Adam, Ted P, Chuck, Tom N, Barry, Mike F, Todd D

The night brought many IPA's from Ivan, Chuck, Mike F, and Doug J. Adam brought a bitter and a pale ale. Ted brought apple cider. Tyler S brought his Saison and a Mild. Tom N brought a double brown. Chuck brought his "breakfast" stout. Todd U had a Scotch Ale and Rye. Calvin brought a barley and rye beverage to share as well.


The end of July marks the end of terms for the club officers. July 24th to the 30th we will be taking candidacy nominations and July 31st to August 6th the voting will take place. So watch your emails or the forum for Ale-ection 2012 information.

Hopluck 2012
Hopluck will be held Saturday, August 25th, 5pm, at McDowell Dam (just 5 miles east of Bismarck on Highway 10). The specific shelter unit will be posted as soon as the reservation is secured. For those unfamiliar with the Masher Hopluck, it is a potluck where members bring their hop or beer infused foods to share. It's a family event, McDowell Dam has playgrounds, boat docks, and boat rentals. Unhopped dogs, juice, and snacks will be provided for the kiddos.

Oktoberfest 2012
Just a reminder to get the wheels turning, Oktoberfest 2012 is less than 3 months away! With bigger prizes and bigger contests we're hoping for the biggest turn out of brews yet.

Chuck took home the Paddle for his IPA. Nominees were Chucks IPA, Ivan's IPA, Chuck's Stout, Ted P's Cider, and Adam's Black Dog Ale.

This traveling trophy will be awarded monthly for the winner to take home and proudly display. At the end of each meeting we will look for nominations on outstanding homebrew of the night. This beer can be a new brew or a reworked recipe. Once a beer has taken home the paddle, it will no longer be eligible to win. When nominating a brew, look at flavor, style, and originality. A majority vote will declare the winner. If you win the paddle, make sure that you can have it back to an officer at the next meeting.


Pick a Porter!
The Club only AHA competition in August falls much too close to our meeting. So, if we have more than one person that wants to enter a porter to send to this competition we will hold a brief 'Pick a Porter' meeting on July 31st. If you've got a porter you want to enter, please make a post here ASAP. You do not need to be present to enter your porter, and you don't need to have to have a porter to enter to attend the 'Pick a Porter' meeting.

Hop Tea Series

Typical Alpha: 5-11%. Amarillo is a relatively new American hop variety that has been described as "super cascade." The bitterness is between 5 and 11% AAU, making Amarillo a good hop for flavor and aroma additions. The flavor profile is very citrusy, especially leaning toward a distinct orange flavor and aroma. Amarillo can be somewhat sweet until it mellows out in a beer.

Typical Alpha: 12-14%. An Australian hop variety that showcases gentle citrus with passion fruit notes, along with a high alpha acid level. This hop has quickly become a favorite of the craft beer industry for its fresh flavor, and is excellent in IPAs and pale ales. Similar to Citra, but with the tropical fruit toned down and a bit more grassy flavor.

Typical alpha: 10-12%. A very new American hop with parentage from Hallertau Mittelfruh, East Kent Goldings, and others. High alpha and strong tropical fruit aromas and flavors (think mango, papaya, and pineapple). Best known as a dry hop in Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA.

Meeting Recap: 7/10/12 Meetin10

If I forgot anyone or any beers, feel free to post it. Sometimes as the beer flows, the notes get sloppier and I get more forgetful. Cheers!

"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity."
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Meeting Recap: 7/10/12
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