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 brew in a bag

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PostSubject: Re: brew in a bag   Fri Apr 06, 2012 9:00 am

The brew went well. I would make a couple changes to the process to get better efficiency.

if you strictly brew in 1 pot you should get approximately 60% this requires little equipment makes for a nice brew day.
I would however use two pots. one for dough in, and mash, then after you think you drained all the sugar out of the bag mash out in a different pot with 2 gallons of clean water at mash out temp. this will allow you to rinse the grains further and should get you in the low to mid 70's. if you don't want to do the rinse the solution is simple increase the grain bill to compensate.

the bag gets pretty darn heavy, when I have seen Australian brew in a bag demo's they use a tripod the hang the bag above for draining, I have seen 3-4 different ones, and all broke done and fit in space not much larger than 2 fishing poles take up. my personal favorite is a cherry picker used to get engines out of a car (you should have this already or it takes up way too much space.) i rigged up a board across two posts and turned it to bring the bag up (I would do it a tad differently next time) I think if it was in my garage I would just use a pulley or winch system (much easier).

over all I had fun, clean up was much easier, and beer was bubbling after dinner! thanks to Jeff for letting me brew at the shop, and to Tyler for stoping by always great to see buddies!

I attached a pick of the dough in. this is a 12 gallon pot, I used over 14lbs of grain so any normal five gallon batch will fit just fine in this size pot.

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PostSubject: brew in a bag   Tue Apr 03, 2012 3:12 pm

Sorry for the Short notice however, i was not possitive i was going to be able to brew. i will be trying another method of all grain brewing a few members may be interested in seeing. brew ing a bag is for have home brewer who does not have room for a bunch of extra equipment. everyone has steeped grain this is just taking it to the next level. if you are interested i will be brewing at WWnH starting about 8:30 am on thursday the 5th of april. i am brewing an imperial stout. if you can make it just drive around back, that is where i plan to brew.
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brew in a bag
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