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 Meeting Reminder: 2/1/11

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PostSubject: Re: Meeting Reminder: 2/1/11   Wed Feb 02, 2011 3:10 pm

i had a great time, enjoyed the beers. was glad we busted out a those two beers. special thanks to Mike, and Tyler for sharing there private reserve. i really enjoyed the belgian bitter, and i was able to drink the funky one. in all seriousness, that might have been the best jolly pumkin i have ever had (and in all fairness i have only had 3 others).

of course sultan was great, i really like lon's coffee porter as well.

i finally tried and enjoyed the hell out of that sweet potato beer great job Jamie!

thanks to all i had a great time. nice to see so many friendly faces.
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Mike Philleo

Mike Philleo

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PostSubject: Re: Meeting Reminder: 2/1/11   Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:34 pm

What an awesome meeting. Great to see so many new faces. The De Ranke was a bonus, too!
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mike frohlich

mike frohlich

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PostSubject: Re: Meeting Reminder: 2/1/11   Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:26 pm

I'll be there with some brews to share!
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randi philleo
randi philleo

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PostSubject: Meeting Reminder: 2/1/11   Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:54 pm

Helloooooo Mashers!

Tomorrow (Tuesday, February 1st) is our formal meeting. As always, meeting start at 7pm at the Masherhaus, and ends when everyone goes home.

We've got lots of awesomeness happening, so you'll want to make sure you can come. First off, the MRM brews from "National Learn to Homebrew Day" are kegged, carbed, and ready for your sampling. If you didn't join us for that brew, we made a nice Pilsner, which is pleasantly spicy, and a Baltic Porter, which has a great balance of roasted sweet malt. If we like them enough, we'll have to give them official names.

We still need photos of your smiling brewing faces for the Brewboard. So bring in a photo to pin up.

Since tomorrow is a "Formal" meeting, and we don't have a topic to discuss, President Mike Philleo is going to lead us in a special homebrew showcase meeting. All we need is for you to bring some homebrew you are planning to share, maybe your recipe if you need references, a little courage to talk about your beer (or maybe we can have Calvin pour you a shot of something). We'd like to see at least a couple beers get sampled by everyone so we can have a large discussion. So please refrain from opening homebrews before the showcase. You don't have to participate in the showcase if you bring homebrew, but we do ask that the floor is quiet for the homebrewer presenting.

We've heard a lot of buzz about House Bill 1339. At tomorrows meeting our very own Vice President Mike Frohlich has offered to answer any questions regarding this bill. Thanks Mike, and congratulations on the Bronze that "Feast Like a Sultan IPA" took at the Upper Mississippi Mashout. Also, congratulations to Dennis Kwandt on his silver medal at the 2nd Annual Fugetaboutit Homebrew Competition in the Fruit Beer category with his "Strawberry Field"! Congrats guys! If anyone else enters a competition be sure to let us know so we can give you props. Heck, maybe the Masherhaus can get a trophy case. Check the website for a list of upcoming competitions.

Any questions about the meeting can be replied to this email. Hope to see you all tomorrow!

"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity."
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PostSubject: Re: Meeting Reminder: 2/1/11   

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Meeting Reminder: 2/1/11
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