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 Meeting Tuesday, August 3rd!

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PostSubject: thanks jeff   Wed Aug 04, 2010 7:55 am

Thanks again Jeff for the place, and for the class (of sorts) how wrong am I, when I say partial mash seems like extended steeping? I meant to get back to you on that, but we were busy talking about everything else.

As for the beers I give first place to Randi's oatmeal brown. Tyler’s bitter was good, and i enjoyed the more mello IPA's, as for the sour stuff, no thanks I can appreciate the work that goes into it, but, again no thanks. Mike F. hop fest was out of my league as well, I like hops, but not chewing them Smile

I had a great time once again, thanks all, the conversations were so varied i thought it was great!


almost forgot about the cider, i think with a little more aging it will be kick ass for a cold winter day (too bad we don't get any in ND)

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randi philleo

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PostSubject: Meeting Tuesday, August 3rd!   Mon Aug 02, 2010 2:18 pm

Hooray! The Mashers are meeting up again tomorrow, August 3rd, at the usual time and place (7pm at Wheels Wings-N-Hobbies). We'll have the results from our recent Ale-ection, and if you haven't voted yet you can still do so before midnight tonight. Click here to vote.

Also on the agenda, Jeff Kohler will be talking a bit about the Partial Mash process. We'll check in on those Oktoberfest ticket sales. We're looking at a great event this year! The brew donations are coming in great, thanks to everyone that's donated or planning on donating. Donate your brew here. Be sure to check your upcoming schedules before you hit the meeting, because the Mashers might be looking at some road trips in the 'Masher Machine' in the next month. Very Happy

Hope to see you all there!

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Meeting Tuesday, August 3rd!
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