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 Recommended: Goose Island Sofie

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Mike Philleo

Mike Philleo

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Recommended: Goose Island Sofie Empty
PostSubject: Recommended: Goose Island Sofie   Recommended: Goose Island Sofie EmptyThu Apr 29, 2010 7:04 pm

Tyler tipped me off to this one. I believe it was about $7 with taxes, for 22 oz bomber. The label claims that it's 80% Belgian style ale with 20% wine barrel-aged Belgian style beer, which was blended together to make an excellent Belgian Style Spring Saison. Weighing in at 6.5%, you get your money's worth for a smooth, flavorful beer. This isn't your mom's sweaty horse blanket saison, but is instead complex, leaning toward the spicy, citrusy side. At the very least, it's worth a shot for $7, just to expand your tasting experience.

Check out the beer advocate review here.
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Recommended: Goose Island Sofie
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